Selected stories :

β€” Manards(Stencil) β€”

Personal typeface

Typeface prototype based upon broad-nib pen and my own personal handwriting.

β€” Clipboard β€”

Digital collage

In this diptych, which I call the 'Clipboard' I collect bits and pieces of my recent paintings and make new work out of existing. I treat my paintings as information or as a collection of textures which I later extract and combine in a new way. I can always go back to my favorite parts of a painting and put in a new context and it immediately changes the piece depending on the surrounding environment it is located. I pay much attention to scratches and marks, textures in my environment and try to recreate the aesthetic by any means necessary. I use everything that can leave a mark – backside of a brush, spray can, charcoal, or even a nearby sketch pasted on top of a canvas.

β€” Breathing Portrait β€”

Animated video

My creative process in moving image as shown in "Breathing Portrait". Combining codes and visual tactics I have been using recently to give motion to my creative process as and endless possible unpredictable results.

β€” Energy Orb β€”

Physical installation

Exhibition design for energy company AJ Power. Design of the stand revives the companies identity and makes it clear for client that all the existing energy solutions orbit around AJ Power energy orb making it a self sufficient eco-system.

Collaboration with RhodΓ© Tavenier
Production YesWeCan
Client AJ Power

β€” Literal Morphology β€”

Animated video

Hand-Drawn animation experiment through form and materiality.

β€” Sound Sensitive Drawing Tool β€”

Html+JavaScript coded sound sensitive drawing tool

Interactive drawing tool that reacts on the volume in space your device is located and according to that the brush size and color is adjusted. Very fun to use as an simple VJ tool ;)

Works only on GoogleChrome browser

β€” Define Black β€”


Burning metal to achieve natural blackness, looking at our gestures of using different tools like spray can, pen or charcoal and speculating that the richness of colors is through materials not through the definition or name of the color itself.

β€” Economy Of Expression β€”


Based upon El Lissitzky's manifesto first published as β€˜The topography of typography’ in Merz no. 4 (Hannover: July 1923)

1. The words on the printed surface are taken in by seeing, not by hearing.
2. One communicates meanings through the convention of words; meaning attains form through letters.
3. Economy of expression: optics not phonetics.
4. The design of the book-space, set according to the constraints of printing mechanics, must correspond to the tensions and pressures of content.
5. The design of the book-space using process blocks which issue from the new optics. The supernatural reality of the perfected eye.
6. The continuous sequence of pages: the bioscopic book.
7. The new book demands the new writer. Inkpot and quill-pen are dead.
8. The printed surface transcends space and time. The printed surface, the infinity of books, must be transcended. THE ELECTRO-LIBRARY.

β€” The Pack β€”

Series of 9 Posters

The Pack is originally a poem by Charles Bukowski. For a while I was re-reading this poem quite often and I had noticted that I read it in a specific way/rhythm in my head and I felt that I need to write it down in my own way through series of poster who stand strong either by themselves or as series together.

β€” The Anxious State β€”

Installation with series of mixed media posters

The evolution of my anxious mind and it's fragile states is a self-exploration of my current and past state through visualization and research while trying to understand anxiety what it is not only for me, but also generally. Talking openly about this issue and how it influences me and others and not being scared of judgement.

"Anxiety cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced. The problem of the management of anxiety is that of reducing anxiety to normal levels, and then to use this normal anxiety as stimulation to increase one's awareness, vigilance, zest for living." I believe that anxiety is part of personality as a quality that has been passed through genetically, and it can be managed for the greater good. I agree with Howard Liddell , that anxiety accompanies intellectual activity as it's shadow and that the more we will know about anxiety, the more we will know about intellect. If there would be no anxiety, no stress, no nervous people then the world would stop. The concern, the tension, the anxiety about tomorrow and the day after that keeps us going and digging deeper everyday.

β€” Today's Poem β€”

Poster series

Poster series created using only Xerox copy machine and daily newspapers.